The volume of email is skyrocketing, growing by 500% over the last 10 years, which poses storage and operational challenges for data security and system performance. Add in increased legal and regulatory requirements, and you understand why leading industry analysts believe every organization should archive its email. Outsource this IT management headache, and shift the burden to Grace G-Track E-Mail Archiving today.

As email volumes continue to grow exponentially, your email servers are pushed to their limits, resulting in costly downtime and reduced productivity. With a hosted email archiving solution, you can address a number of IT needs at the same time. Most importantly, it frees up your limited resources, giving them more time to focus on your business’ strategic initiatives.

Ask anyone in your IT department and they’ll tell you.  The increasing pressure to store and monitor all inbound, outbound and internal email messages is not only costly but time consuming.  Organizations have to consider ease of use and flexibility when implementing and maintaining a system, but also the complex functionality required with eDiscovery search and retrieval requirements.

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Protecting Data Is Not An Option – It is Mandatory

IT departments that operate with little regard for compliance policies expose themselves, their employees, customers, students or patients to unnecessary risks and potential liability. Regulations vary by geographical location and sector, but can include:

Title One
California Senate Bill 1386
Basel I & II
Data Protection Act
Freedom of Information Act

Avoid Costly Penalties – Ensure Regulatory Compliance:


Why and How FRCP Matters

FRCP Amendments Affect ALL Businesses, Public or Private

As a result of the rise in electronic communications in recent years and amendments to the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) surrounding electronically stored information (ESI), email as evidence is becoming more and more common in legal proceedings. In fact, email is now included in about 75 percent of all e-discovery proceedings.

In December 2006, after scores of cases began relying solely on email messages as evidence, the federal court system enacted amendments to the FRCP regarding the proper handling of email. These amendments require any organization with the potential for involvement in litigation within the U.S. federal court system (which is most public and private companies) to:

  • Be able to produce emails requested as evidence in a federal court case in their native format
  • Have a clear understanding of where their data is stored and how to retrieve it in a timely manner
  • Honor a legal hold by halting any previous purging practices until the legal matter is settled
  • Prove authenticity of the communications in question (i.e. that they are tamper-proof).

FRCP Challenge: Find E-mail within 99 Days

Since electronic discovery has loomed so large in litigation, the United States federal court system has instituted a new standard for civil cases involving electronic records. December 1, 2006 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure call for both parties to meet early about discovery. Within 99 days of litigation initiation, parties must meet to discuss the scope and accessibility of electronic records. This “Meet and Confer” conference, also called the Rule 26 Meeting, can result in much more effective discovery, but only if a company is prepared to discuss their electronically stored information (ESI), search through it efficiently and produce relevant records effectively. Being prepared to discuss ESI means you must already have a system in place to organize emails or find a system that can be deployed quickly when needed.

Grace Global G-Track E-Mail Archiving Service can help your organization get FRCP-ready.

The smart choice in Email Archiving
Grace G-Track E-Mail Archiving service is one of the industry’s safest and most reliable email archiving and retrieval services. Offering a service you can trust, ours:

  • Leads the industry as one of the easiest archiving solutions on the market
  • Integrates powerful, rapid search functionality designed for simplicity
  • Includes a highly-intuitive user interface that integrates with our award-winning G-Track Console
  • Offers the most sophisticated features at an equally-attractive price

Powerful search and rapid retrieval
With G-Track, searching for a specific email will never be like looking for a needle in a haystack. You can retrieve specific messages quickly and accurately with a flexible and platform that allows you to:

  • Create searches based on message and attachment content, sender, recipient, date range, message size, and more
  • Search for keywords in the header, subject, body or attachment
  • Perform multiple searches at once using the MX Logic unique Parallel Search Technology
  • Save searches for future use
  • Give end users access to their personal archive via Microsoft Outlook
  • Secure archiving communications using either TLS or SSL

Exclusive features, competitively priced
There is no greater value in the email security market than the Grace G-Track E-Mail Archiving Service.  Along with exclusive features and advanced functionality, you benefit from:

  • Free set up
  • No upgrade fees
  • Complimentary 24/7 customer support
  • No long-term commitment (month to month contracts)
  • Unlimited storage at no extra charge
  • Optional retention periods for 1, 3, 5 or 7 years 
  • Bundled pricing or stand-alone service

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